Common   Kingfisher

The Common Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) is an easily identifiable bird of aquatic habitats.  Even when the most usual view is of a cobolt blue and orange streak rocketing down the waters edge, it cannot be mistaken for anything else. The usual pose seen of the Kingfisher in art, be it through sculpture, taxidermy, or  two dimensional art, is of a bird quietly sat on a suitable perch. Sometimes holding a small fish, or of a bird just breaking the waters surface in a characteristic plunge dive.  I decided to challenge myself and carve a bird in a twisted posture, bending it's head to facilitate a scratch behind the ear. 

After collecting the relevant reference a pattern was drawn out on a piece of  6"x 4"x 4" lime. 

Due to the complex pose I decided to carve a separate head. The pattern, as with the body was drawn out on a piece of lime.

The body was then cut out using the bandsaw.

The head was also cut out.